I’m Rasha Alahmad, PhD candidate at the University of Michigan School of Information. I am advised by Lionel Robert. I research identity and artificial intelligence use in the organizations.


February 2019: I passed my field prelim exam and became a PhD candidate.

October 2018: Technology affordances and IT identity paper has been accepted for publication at ICIS 2018.

September 2018:I submitted a research idea to DIGIT about technology affordances and identifying the self with technology at the workplace.

August 2018:two posters of our lab have been accepted at CSCW! I am also submitting a workshop paper about social technology affordances and identity at the workplace.

July 2018: 1) I am working with SIT lab team members on several papers about sharing economy.  2) I am preparing for the field prelim milestone.

May 2018:My paper The Impact of Enterprise Social Media Identity on Job Performance and Job Satisfaction with Casey Pierce, Michelle Carter, Lionel Robert has been accepted for publication at Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS).

February 2018: I passed my pre-candidacy exam!